Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Life Experience

Thinking back on the week I spent in Alabama, I can't even pinpoint one event that stood out the most because everything I experienced was either brand new or genuinely FUN. And to be quite frank, for once I didn't have to worry about what anyone thought about me. I didn't have to worry about what I was going to do for the day or even IF I would feel like hanging out with someone. I didn't have to worry about going to bed too late or having to wake up too early in order to get chores done. I didn't have to worry about putting makeup on if I went out in public and I didn't have to worry about making myself lunch or dinner.  I was with my best friend, and my second family, in a town that I had never heard of before Ari moved there, and I was surrounded by friendly strangers of whom knew nothing about me. Plus the food was just what I had been waiting for (Mrs. K's hotdogs, pizza rolls, and my favorite - choco covered peanut butter pretzels)! It's a good feeling... a true vacation.

We planned Friday to be a "skating day" where we'd go to the local skating rink with the family and skate around knowing that on Sunday, we'd have plans to go to Kangaroo 's (a giant bouncy house warehouse similar to BounceU in NH). That plan suddenly got shot down... In a good way because we ended up going to the rink to skate 3 times! Well as an FYI, skating rinks are incredibly fun! I had never been to one so I wasn't sure what to expect... although thank god I semi-knew how to skate. The rink is nothing like anything we have back home. Kids can skate to good music and stop to get food or hangout and take a break. They have games and an authentic disco style which makes the atmosphere very flavorful. Ari and I met a new friend there as well, who we ended up spending my last few days in AL with. He took us around for sightseeing and to eat at the good restaurants around town. We went to different towns, got stuck in the downpour showers, and managed to have some good laughs along the way. He also came over swimming a lot which was really fun except for the part where I got dropped on my back when Ari and Aaron decided to try and swing me into the water. No big deal! The thing I liked most about meeting new people was the fact that it showed me how life DOES exist beyond little old Bow. I learned that I shouldn't have to push to have friends or try to be anything I'm not. Honey catches more flies than vinegar. I learned that some people aren't worth it; they're not meant to be in your life for a reason. And others make multiple appearances, or remind you of others even in the slightest and most ironic ways. I suddenly see the good in people unlike my old ways of picking out the flaws. I let go of things that have bothered me for so long in the confident notion that I deserve better than to have to worry or be upset or put myself down. I can see the world a little bit better and understand how young I truly am. My whole life is ahead of me, and for a while I got so caught up in the immaturity of people who think they see the world (although they see nothing) and the petty drama that is totally frivolous. And with all that I learned and realized,  I also discovered the feeling of being "home" again. I forgot how much I love being with the Kaminski's and how welcomed I always feel. I truly love the family and they will always be very special to me. Ari and I have been through a lot, but it has made us closer as friends. Even if we're separated by miles, by different customs, by different schools, and by different friends, it changes absolutely nothing in our friendship. Every day spent together is as if nothing has happened and she's still my neighbor, despite the different states we live in. She will always be my sister, and she gives me something to look forward to. I have my friends in Bow, but I have my sister in Alabama, and that's all I need to get through the day. I appreciate everything... all of Mrs. Kaminski's life lessons (and food!), Mr. Kaminski's lectures about plausible things that we should beware of, Alex's love for fishing and nature, Indy's spunk and diva attitude, and of course, the sisterhood me and Ari share. Even if she does take embarrassing pictures/videos of me dancing, even if we do fight over blankets when we're sleeping, and even if she yells at me for putting too much makeup or too much perfume on, I love her. I wholeheartedly love her and her family and the hospitality they have always given me right from the get-go. And I thank all of them for the best trip and one of the greatest life experiences I have had so far in my 15 years of living.

Now, saying goodbye is never easy. But for some reason, this time it was especially difficult. I was talking with Mrs. K and we both agreed how hard it is for all of us because it's like, "what now?" What do we have to look forward to? Do we plan a visit to come up and ski? Do we find a way to fit in a four day weekend in November (after i get my license of course)? Do we find ways to make money so we can do this all over again in one year? Who knows, but one thing IS for certain...

We will see each other as soon as possible and until then, we'll resort to skype and texts and phone conversations. It sucks, but I'm grateful that I can be this close with her and I wouldn't trade the bond we have for the world. It's the most reassuring feeling to know that I have my family in New Hampshire, and a whole different one in Alabama. Nothing will ever change that

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I KNEW This Would Happen!

This is a perfect example of why I have such issues blogging; everytime something exciting happens I'm way too busy to even post! And let me tell "y'all"... I have been having the time of my life! Ari and I have been constantly on-the-go that I'm having trouble recapping all of the "laugh out loud" moments or picking out my favorite thing we've done this week. To be honest, it's all been such a new experience as well as one of those trips that you never forget in your lifetime, despite anywhere else you may travel. It's a foreign thought to think about where I (meaning me and ari, as well as our old posse) was a year ago at this time. So much has changed, but I've learned that life takes you in a direction of which you are suppose to go. We all have choices, chances, and opportunities; however, when it comes down to the fact of the matter, there is always a purpose as to why. Well, this is just what I believe.

Anyways, my first full day spent in Alabama was at the outdoor mall which reminded me a lot of a tourist area at an Americanized island. There were certainly stores I had never been in nor had I heard of, so you'd think I'd want to spend my money on things that were different from what I'm use to. NOPE! I bought all my clothes at Charlotte Russe (the exact same things we have in New Hampshire) and then a couple bracelets at Claire's (yet again, the same stuff I could have bought at home). It's worth it though because Ari decided to take me to a movie none other than the oh so famous Eclipse. I'm not a huge fan of the vampire deal, but for some odd reason the Twilight movies have me hooked! It was an excellent day that closed with watching the second Saw movie (we watched Saw 1 on my first night here) which was perfect. It's a tradition for us girls to watch a scary movie right before we go to bed. I think I watched more movies last summer than I will for the rest of my life!

The next day was more of a hang out day. Ari had volleyball so I was able to go to her school and check things out.  I met "T" (who I was friends with on Facebook prior to coming here) and a couple girls who took me to the work out rooms. Spanish Fort High is a lot different from Bow High in the sense that the atmosphere and environment is much more small town-like where I'm from. That's what I gathered as I got the grand tour from Ari. You know, it's an out-of-place feeling to be separated from your best friend for a year and to see her own customs and what she had to adapt to was very interesting. It's good though because now I can comprehend the stories she tells me about school, friends, life, etc. I can finally place an image in my mind and know what she's talking about... to some extent.

The rest of the day was filled with fishing trips on the backyard "lake" with the kids and some more Saw movies! I'd write more but I'm super tired and can barely spell my own name correctly. I'll update you guys on the rest of the week later.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome to Alabama

I set my alarm for 5 am this morning thinking that it would take me at least 30 minutes to get out of bed. I think my excitement allowed me to go to bed at midnight and wake up at 4, however, with no lack of energy. We left a little early for the airport and ended up waiting for 45 minutes just sitting before security. Knowing me, I got bored and antsy right away so I said goodbye to my mother and decided to get on my way. My mom got teary but I had no problem saying goodbye... it's only for a week and I've been looking so  forward to this trip since the winter. Thank God this day had finally come!

You know, since I've left my parental supervision and have truly been "on my own," I learned a lot. For one, the world is very small. I ended up sitting next to one of my good friend's grandmothers! How ironic! I met a man who was clad in army attire and ended up being on my flight. He was infact headed BACK to Iraq leaving home his 1.5 year old son and wife. He had been crying which made me emotional considering I can't even fathom the strength one must have to say goodbye and risk his or her own life for the cause of freedom. I've also learned that people can be very rude, especially if they're high falutin and don't consider that some people have never flown in an airplane by themselves! Oh well. 

Anyways, skipping the jibber-jabber, ALABAMA IS AMAZING! I landed safely in the hot and humid city of Pensecola, Florida. As soon as I reunited with Mrs. K, Alex, and Ari, we went straight to Steak N' Shake where I ordered a "Steak Frank" (try saying that 10 times fast!) We spent our lunch chatting and going over everything that has happened in the absent year when Mrs. Kaminski immediately pointed out the cute boys who showed up to eat adjacent to our table. Let me just tell you... I've missed her a lot! Anyways, we drove home and I got the tour of the house. It's like a weird flashback considering it's all the same furniture I saw a year ago. We spent the day watching movies and row boating out on the backyard pond/lake thingy with the kids. Then we took a quick trip to the community pool to wash off all of the grime and sludge. Me and Ari are currently watching the Saw movies and plan to stay up all night. If i could describe my trip so far in one word, i'd have to say it's already AWESOME!  Can't wait for tomorrow! (:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Little 411 In The 603

So here's the story in a nutshell:

-My best friend in the whole world moved to California, then to Alabama.
-I begged my parents for months to let me visit her.
-They finally gave in and bought me a ticket.
-I'm flying down ALONE and staying for a week.
-I'm going to have the time of my life.
-And this all starts on TUESDAY!

For all of you who are worried about what trouble I'll get into or are just plain old curious, here's a blog that will be updated each day giving a little synopsis of my day to day activities and escapades.